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What are people saying about The Canada Chronicles?

“Jackson’s humour and charm shine throughout his storytelling and may partly explain how, relying on the kindness of strangers, he managed to visit all three coasts. His appetite for adventure, as well as the characters he meets along the way, could well inspire others to take to the road.”

- Canadian Geographic Magazine

“What I like best about [Jackson’s] big adventure is that he had the balls and imagination to undertake it … what I like almost as much is the author’s intrinsic understanding of the connection between travel and story. The book is constructed for the ages by a literate and energetic young man who, if he stays with his writing, will one day tell a story that is itself built for the longer haul.”

- The Globe & Mail

“Jackson’s cross-country hitchhiking journey is humourously and beautifully recorded in The Canada Chronicles … the quality of the book is evident to anyone scanning its photographs and stories. They whet the appetite for adventure, as does Jackson’s writing style.”

- The Banff Crag & Canyon

“Jackson has a colloquial style of writing … it moves smoothly and naturally from one place to the next, probably far more smoothly than the actual travelling ever went. He has a gift for describing the people he met on the road, so that with a few words and some well chosen examples of dialogue, the reader feels these people are no longer strangers. Lots of people travel, but it takes a good storyteller to bring alive the experiences of the road.”

- The Chronicle-Herald (Thunder Bay)

“Jackson’s wanderlust is contagious. After paging through The Canada Chronicles, you’ll want to quit your job and hit the open road.”

- The Calgary Herald

"Jackson describes a wonderful cast of characters who say a great deal about this country. His descriptive passages are excellent, and he brings his surroundings fully to life using all five senses to firmly plant the reader in his story. He also weaves an excellent tapestry of history, journey, dialogue and commentary. I thoroughly enjoyed the read, and in fact laughed out loud in places. This book provides a gently humorous, often sympathetic view of Canada's landscape and those who live within it."

- Yvonne Jeffery, Member of the Editors' Association of Canada

"Jackson is a craftsman. With light, form and emotion, he has captured some beautifully subtle moments with Canada's people and this stunning land we call home."

- Andrew Tolson, Director of Photography at Maclean's magazine

"The Canada Chronicles is a wonderful odyssey through our great country … a true celebration of coast-to-coast travel in Canada. Jackson's writing is entertaining, articulate, humourous and full of insight. He has captured life on the road beautifully."

- Wayne Rostad, Host of the CBC's On the Road Again

"Beyond our mountains, rivers and our wonderfully diverse geography, it is the people who ultimately define this country. And it's the stories that define the people. In this book, master storyteller and photographer Matt Jackson opens a refreshing window into who we truly are."

- Carl Hiebert, author of the best-selling book Gift of Wings

"This is the ultimate Canadian road trip, a journey that every young Canadian should take. This is what Pierre Trudeau envisioned when he told young men and women to hit the road and see their country. This book is for anybody who wants to see their faith in humanity restored."

- Tim Brookes, author of A Hell of a Place to Lose a Cow

"It's not any one image in this book, but the collection as a whole that is most impressive. Jackson's rare mode of travel has allowed him a series of unmatched glimpses into the lives of ordinary Canadians from across this vast and diverse land."

- Daryl Benson, co-author of A Guide to Photographing the Canadian Landscape

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