Please choose from one of the following two presentations. Both of them are multimedia keynote addresses that feature breathtaking images and stories to delight and inspire your audience every time.

The Incredible Journey: Lessons from the Road

Master storyteller Matt Jackson will lead your audience on an unforgettable four-year hitchhiking odyssey across Canada, inspiring them with the many stories and breathtaking photographs he has collected along the road.

This dynamic presentation follows Matt on an unlikely journey-from the halls of corporate business school into adventure photojournalism, and from there to being the successful founder of Summit Studios and author of the award-winning book The Canada Chronicles. Using the road as a metaphor, Matt recognizes that we all face unexpected detours in life and in business, and discusses how a simple attitude shift has helped him to overcome monumental obstacles.

Matt's background in business and his success as an entrepreneur enable him to subtly weave lessons from the road into his presentations. He believes that his greatest gifts are a 'can-do' attitude, persistence, and enthusiasm. These are qualities that when recognized and nurtured by any person, invariably lead to success in every aspect of life.

This presentation is ideal for organizations that want a speaker to motivate and inspire their audience.

Presentation Themes

- Why Attitude is Everything
- Facing the Unknown
- Focus vs. Flexibility
- The Power of Persistence
- Stoking the Fires of Enthusiasm

Chronicling Canada: Tales of a Hitchhiking Photojournalist

Matt Jackson has spent more than a decade travelling across the country in search of adventure, logging tens of thousands of kilometres in the process. He has written and taken pictures for more than two dozen popular magazines in Canada, the United States, and Europe, and to date has more than 100 articles in print.

Join him as he relates stories from his Canadian travels, as well as how he saw potential in a seldom-travelled path that led him to start his own publishing company and subsequently produced the award-winning book The Canada Chronicles: A Four-Year Hitchhiking Odyssey.

Matt is an exceptional storyteller, and with candour, humour and affection for the many characters he has met, he weaves a truly Canadian tale that will leave your audience feeling refreshed and inspired. This presentation will challenge your audience to see Canada, and the people who live here, a little bit differently.

This presentation is ideal as an entertaining and inspiring keynote address at the opening or closing of a conference.


"Inspiring talk, beautiful pictures and entertaining stories. Matt proves that with passion and commitment you can follow your dreams and realize them."
  - Stephen Carpenter, President
   Enermodal Engineering Ltd. (Kitchener, Ontario)

"Matt is one of the best speakers we've ever had. He is unbelievably funny, and we appreciated his kind and gracious approach towards humanity. Everyone wished the evening could have lasted longer. He really helped us to create a winning event!"
  - Cathy Hume, Corporate Director of Regional Marketing
   Retirement Residences REIT (Alberta)

"Matt could very well be Canada's next great storyteller. Our audience of more than 250 teachers was spellbound."
  - Karen Sucie, President
   Greater Edmonton Teachers' Convention 2006

"This presentation is a must see for all Canadians. Matt treated us to a remarkable journey through his camera lens, and stories that were alive with insight into how Canadians live across the country."
  - Penny Smith, Program Coordinator
   Calgary City Teachers' Convention 2005

"Matt is an incredible storyteller, talented photographer and an engaging and humorous presenter. Our audience enjoyed a memorable journey across Canada with him that I am still, months later, getting positive feedback about. Our audience was truly captivated and they left with a feeling of delight about how much they had learned about their home country. I would highly recommend Matt as a presenter and have, in fact, already booked him for a repeat visit!"
  - Trish Lund, Education Program Supervisor
   The Calgary Zoo

"As a keynote speaker at our Annual May Banquet, Matt enthralled us with touching and humorous stories of real Canadians he met on his travels across Canada. Seeing our country through his wonderful photographs made many of us wish we could hitch a ride with him and explore the beauty for ourselves."
  - Jane Hawkins, President
   Canadian Federation of University Women, Calgary Club

"Matt's presentation was very well received by everyone at our conference. His presentation offers a culturally-rich perspective of our country, punctuated by inspiring stories and superb photography. We would recommend Matt as a speaker to any organization that wants a unique and refreshing view of Canada."
  - Larry Easton, Co-Chair
   Canadian Camera Conference 2005 (Regina, Saskatchewan)

"Matt is an engaging and inspiring storyteller. You can't help thinking about Canada, and indeed humanity, a little differently after hearing him speak."
  - Cameron Owens, Earth Sciences Department
   Mount Royal College (Calgary, Alberta)

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